Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ryukyu Period Sai - The real thing!

I'm often searching the net for all things and information about Ryukyu, sometimes you find something of real interest!
If your pockets are deep enough you could own this piece of history!

General Info

Well forged, massive and powerful style. Hemp line is wound around the holder, fixed with lacquer-like sticker. This is strong and one can grip it easily. 

So-jyutsu is old bujyutsu of Ryukyu (former Okinawa) There are several styles of So-jyutsu : Sai of Tsukeshi Tahaku, Hamahika, Chatanyara, Jigen, Tawada, Hamagoten-yaka-a, Hantaguwa, Kojyo. During Ryuku Kingdom period, Ufuchiku (Head of Police station) and Chikusaji (detective) held the sai, they used it in order to arrest the criminals or leading a crowd.Well fabricated simple design, calm color of iron as many years pass. Armor with high value of appreciation.

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